How Do You Initialize a Memory Card on a Fujifilm Digital Camera?

To initialize a memory card that has been used previously on a Fujifilm digital camera, clean the contact point or format the memory card. You need a soft cloth, a memory card and a camera. To initialize a card that has not been previously used, format the memory card.

  1. Clean the contact point

    If your memory card has been used before, the electrical point of contact between the card and camera may be dirty. Remove the memory card from the camera. Take a soft cloth and carefully wipe clean the memory card contact point. Reinsert the memory card.

  2. Proceed with caution

    Remember that formatting removes everything from your memory card. You cannot restore lost data after formatting.

  3. Format the memory card

    If the memory card has been used repeatedly, the files may have become fragmented. If the memory card has never been used and is not recognized by the camera, it needs to be formatted before use. In either case, to format the card on the camera, press the menu/OK button on the camera. Choose the shooting menu tab by pressing the left side of the selector that surrounds the button. Go to Menu Setup. Press the right side of the selector to access the setup menu. Select Format. Press the right side of the selector again to access the format menu. Press the selector up or down. Hit the menu/OK button to format.