What Does an IT Infrastructure Manager Do?


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An IT infrastructure manager oversees management of a company’s information technology equipment, employees, policies, procedures and organization. The infrastructure manager often handles all issues related to system performance and hardware purchases within a company and makes recommendations to company leaders.

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Regular duties for an IT infrastructure manager include handling the rollout of new technologies across the business and helping remove or replace inefficient systems. Constant evaluation of all operations for areas of potential improvement falls under the manager’s purview. This includes human resources work for the department along with managing system resources, so management candidates often need to demonstrate years of supervisory experience as well as technical expertise. Managers must often oversee and coach employees to help them develop their skills and experience in the workforce.

The IT infrastructure manager may also directly oversee technical performance of key systems or provide a first line of contact in case of technical emergencies or system failures. Because IT infrastructure managers often purchase equipment and help negotiate contracts with outside vendors, the position requires the ability to work well with outside professionals to create mutually beneficial arrangements for goods and services. IT infrastructure managers must often oversee vendor-controlled systems such as voice-over-Internet communications, third-party databases, and software and messaging tools.

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