What Is an Infrared Remote Extender?


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An infrared remote extender is a device that artificially extends the distance that a remote control works at by taking in the infrared signal, transmitting it through another medium and then retransmitting it at its destination. Infrared remote extenders are common in home theater setups.

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If the distance between a remote control and a television, fan or other device controlled by the remote is too far, the infrared signal cannot reach the device, and the remote control does not function properly. If an infrared extender is set up, one end of the extender can be placed near the remote control to accept the infrared signal. This signal then passes through a radio signal or a wire until it reaches an infrared transmitter located near the device controlled by the remote. The infrared transmitter retransmits the original infrared signal, allowing the device to respond properly to the remote.

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