What Information Does WHOIS and IP Provide?


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WHOIS Lookup portal provides information about a certain domain name, the domain name's registration status and the registrars of those specific domains. Depending on a variety of factors, IP addresses can also provide information regarding exact physical location.

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WHOIS Lookup portal provides the availability of a domain name and its status to users who have the intention to register a new domain name. If indeed the name is registered, WHOIS Lookup portal gives the user the registrar and the sponsoring registrar addresses. It also states the WHOIS server address and the referral URL.

The WHOIS Lookup portal is highly precise with its information regarding when a certain domain name was created, when the domain name was last updated and the date at which the domain name's registrar sponsorship is bound to expire. The WHOIS Lookup registry database contains specific domains available for searching. These domains include the .com, .edu and .net domains. WHOIS Lookup also provides new domain users with the ability to register their domains at a cost.

IP addresses provide various information, though the information provided depends on the user who needs the information. Physical location, found through mapping technology, is often considered an important piece of information provided by an IP address.

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