What Information Does a Verizon 4G Service Map Provide?


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As of 2015, a Verizon 4G service map provides its users with the ability to see what parts of the United States have 4G coverage. The 4G service map uses a color-coded system to show the viewer what type of service he can expect to receive in certain parts of the United States.

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The color red covers a majority of the map as of 2015, to show the user that 4G service is available almost all over the United States. However, the color-coded map also indicates that users may experience issues with receiving 4G coverage in the state of Alaska. The map also gives the user the ability to type in an address or ZIP code to get an accurate location for service availability.

Customers can also see what places outside the United States have international 4G coverage. Additionally, the user has the ability to zoom in and out of specific locations on the map by using the plus and minus signs on the map. The map gives a general prediction of coverage in the area, but certain areas may not have service due to technical issues.

Users can also view recent map updates at the bottom-left corner of the map.

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