What Information Is Stored in the EClinicalWorks Patient Portal?

Information stored in the eClinicalWorks patient portal includes patient medical history, lab and test results, prescription refills, invoices, and statements. Other information include patient education materials, medication requests, medical prescriptions and past messages exchanged with medical officers.

The eClinicalWorks patient portal stores medical history of all patients whose records are in the database. Information including past illnesses, family medical history and current diagnoses comes from speciality-specific history questionnaires filled during pre-registration of new patients. Patients can access their health records and wellness accomplishments from the portal.

The eClinicalWorks patient portal contains lab tests and imaging results as they are received. The portal stores medical appointments for every patient. These include past appointments and reminders for the next check-ups. The portal uses clinically relevant data to identify specific patients who require reminders for follow-up appointments. It also stores medication prescription information on all patients. These include current electronic prescription and reminders for future refills.

The eClinicalWorks portal stores invoices and financial statements detailing all payments made by the patient for different services accessed at the facility. It has details on various pricing options available for different patient needs. The portal has educational materials on wellness, diet and medical outreach campaigns. It stores information on any referral requests done by the patients. The portal contains messages exchanged with medical officials regarding management of the patient's health.