What Information Is Stored in "My Accounts" in Google?

What Information Is Stored in "My Accounts" in Google?

The "My Accounts" page on Google collects personal and sign in information, recent activity, account tools and connected applications and services. Through the page, a person has the ability to delete content and change the accessibility of certain applications and programs.

The Google account page allows a person to update and change their content at will. Methods to improve security are available, such as adding a phone number, an account recovery email or a security question. One can even remove access to applications that aren't secure.

The account page also gives the user the ability to track some of the activities done under the account name. Notifications associated with the account as well as a list of devices that have been used with the account's information is all stored on this page.

The account page tracks all searches and browsing activity done on Google Chrome and the places a person travels using Google Maps. All YouTube videos that have been searched for or watched under the account are stored as well.

From the account page, a person can delete some or even all of the content being stored. Tracking of search and browser history can be turned on or off based on the user's discretion.