What Information Should a PowerShell Script Include?


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A PowerShell script is a basic text file that contains the PS1 extension file name along with its needed variable breakpoints. PowerShell scripts are often put together, through pipelining, allowing a programmer to easily combine two commands. As long as the PowerShell contains the correct permissions and line of script, it should function correctly.

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There are several ways to create and run a PowerShell script. The first involves using pipelining, which allows several functions to run at the same time. However, for times when pipelining will not work, variables are instead used. Variables are single words or characters that act as the repository for storing a command; these are used to shorten the amount of code needed to run the script. This same procedure can also be done using the at-sign symbol.

PowerShell scripts also need the correct permissions in order to work properly. As a standard, all permissions are set to restricted while the script is being created. This protects the users from automatically running malicious scripts. Change this setting to ALLSigned, RemoteSigned or Unrestricted. After developing the script, running it is relatively different from using older executable files; to run the script, input the complete line of code along with the file name.

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