What Is Information Security?


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"Information security" refers to the systems designed to protect information from unauthorized access. It is the practice of defending the confidentiality and integrity of information from unauthorized disclosure, use, modification, distortion, corruption or destruction.

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"Information security" is a general term that refers to the procedures and methodologies put in place to safeguard electronic, physical or any other type of personal or sensitive information from unauthorized access, transfer or alteration.

The term is closely related to, and sometimes used interchangeably with, computer security and information assurance. Both fields are concerned with protecting the integrity, confidentiality and accessibility of information. Information security protects computer systems from those with malevolent motives. Computer information assurance ensures data availability by ensuring that data is not lost in case of serious threats such as natural calamities, theft, computer or server malfunction or any other issue likely to cause the disappearance of data.

In most organizations, information security is managed by information technology security experts. These IT security specialists keep all the technology apparatus within the organization secure from malicious threats including software attacks, identity theft, and theft of property or information sabotage. Information security protects information from cybercriminals that try to gain access and control of the company’s internal operations.

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