What Information Is Learned by Using Visual Basic for Beginners?


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The Visual Basic for beginners course includes information about fundamental programming concepts of Visual Basic programming language, how and from where to download and install Visual Studio software, and how to write the first Visual Basic program. It also gives details of elements used in a VB program, such as variables, if-else statements, loops, functions and graphical elements available in the tool box of the Visual Studio environment.

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The VB for beginners course starts with an explanation of the Visual Studio environment and how a VB program works with the VB compiler and the .NET Framework. It continues with the fundamental programming concepts on how to use variables, create expressions, how to use the if-else statements, loops and arrays in a program. Once the information is familiar, and student has started writing complex programs, the course leads to object oriented programming.

Concepts, such as classes, functions, collections and exception handling are explained, and the use of strings and date objects are introduced. Following this, the different graphical elements, such as forms, text box, label, timer and picture box are introduced. Then, event-driven programming is explained in detail, that is, how to use the graphical elements, their properties and functions to create graphical user interfaces. The VB for beginners course allows an individual to create video games, mobile applications and client applications.

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