What Information Is Included in a Toshiba Laptop Repair Manual?

What Information Is Included in a Toshiba Laptop Repair Manual?

A Toshiba laptop repair manual includes information about the system specifications, instructions on how to replace the individual components and illustrations showing how to disassemble the laptop. Repairing a Toshiba laptop on your own may void its warranty.

Toshiba repair manuals indicate that the advertised size of Toshiba hard disks differs from the actual amount of space in them, due to the way megabytes are converted into gigabytes. For instance, a 40-gigabyte HDD offers 37, a 60-gigabyte offers 55 and a 250-gigabyte offers 232 gigabytes of actual storage space.

To determine whether or not a USB port is faulty, plug in an external device, and see if it works. If it doesn't, connect it to another USB port. If the device works with other ports, you must replace the system board to replace the port. If the device does not work with any of the ports, connect another USB device to see if it's faulty. If other devices work, it's the USB drive that is faulty, and the USB ports of the laptop work.

If your laptop has an Express card slot, check its status by inserting an Express card into the slot. If the card doesn't work, it may be that the socket pins are not straight. In that case, you can replace the socket and keep the system board. If the problem persists with a new socket, then the system board requires replacement.

The exact troubleshooting steps depend on the exact model of a Toshiba laptop. For instance, some models may not even have Express card slots or use extensions to provide USB ports. With an extension, you may not need to replace the entire system board to fix the USB ports.