What Information Is Included in a Polaroid Tablet Manual?

The Polaroid tablet manual contains information on the location of controls, accessories, basic operations, home screen setup, Internet connections and camera/video chat setup. Other information includes email setup, file management, multimedia management, resetting, restoration and accessing online help.

The location of controls segment entails finding the home button, front camera, reset, USB port, headphone, volume and other main controls. The tablet specifications are also covered in this section. Turning on, unlocking, locking, turning off, and charging procedures of the tablet are covered under the basic operations part. Home screen setup part comprises of application shortcuts and widget placement, home screen movement, accessing the applications, status bar management and removal of applications and widgets. Wi-Fi setup, network connection procedure, downloading the Amazon Appstore, downloading and installation of applications/games are all covered under Internet connections.

Camera and video chat setup involves details on front/back facing camera usage, zooming, access to pictures and picture settings. Email setup section gives details on setting up either a new or an existing email. Transfer and management of files to and from the tablet memory, installation, mounting and removal of a micro SD card are all covered under file management. Connection of the tablet to a PC is covered in that section. Multimedia management entails music and video management.

Details on settings and how to get any online help are outlined in the manual. Resetting, restoration, legal information and limited warranty information complete the manual.