What Information Is Included in the IPhone 5c User Manual?


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The manual for the iPhone 5c describes all of the steps necessary for setting up and personalizing the phone, such as setting up security locks and its fingerprint identification, as well as more advanced features for its use. Readers of the manual can also find the iPhone 5c's technological specifications.

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The chapter covering the iPhone 5c's mail application guides readers through how to compose new messages, save messages they want to finish later as drafts, attach photos and other files to their messages, and how to send messages they would like to have in a hard copy format to a printer.

The chapter on music use on the iPhone 5c outlines how to find and download music from the Apple iTunes Store, how to browse through songs by title, artist name or album name, how to make playlists of saved songs, and how to find and navigate through the radio stations of iTunes Radio.

The appendix section covering safety, handling and support cover matters of maintenance of the iPhone 5c. These include a summary of the most safe and unsafe environmental conditions for using an iPhone 5c, an introduction of scenarios in which a user may want to restart or reset their iPhone 5c (and how to perform these functions), and a guide on what to do if the phone is in need of professional repair.

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