What Information Is Contained on Ravelry's Website?

What Information Is Contained on Ravelry's Website?

Ravelry is a knit and crochet community website that knitters and crochet enthusiasts use to find patterns. It has thousands of patterns to choose from; some are free and some are for sale. Crafters must join the site with a username and password to gain access.

The Ravelry website allows users to create a notebook and save favorite patterns as well as to organize yarn stashes and keep track of projects. There are patterns available to knit and crochet, which include bags, booties, cardigans, dishcloths, mittens and scarves. Patterns for slippers, socks, sweaters and more are also available.

The site allows the user to search for particular yarns, and there are resources that help to determine the correct needle or hook size to use with each type of yarn or fiber. The website is organized so that the user can save projects into notebooks, keep a queue of ongoing work, and label projects as favorites.

The social aspect of the site allows users to link with other users and add "friends" to their sites. There are groups and events to join and discussion forums to ask for help or to explain a particular stitch or pattern in detail.

Ravelry has a store with items for sale, and there is a Marketplace where vendors sell yarn and accessories. Finally, there are patterns for sale that members can browse for inspiration or search to find a specific pattern.