What Information About Charles City Schools Is Available on Ccps.net?

What Information About Charles City Schools Is Available on Ccps.net?

The Charles City Public Schools website, CCPS.net, hosts all the information available in regard to the teaching curriculum, teaching, administrative and financial aspects of the Charles City School system, located in Charles City County in Virginia. Each section is located on the top menu bar of the page, with a drop-down menu highlighting all the available topics.

The schools section has several topics from which to choose, including preschool, high school, teachers and counselors. There are biographies of each teacher located on the home page, detailing their current positions, along with contact information. The administrative department also has a similar section, showing each member's picture along with a biography detailing position and contact information.

There is a section devoted to parents, listing all the information required to register children for school. Listed in the section are links for the registration application, special needs children application and those interested in homeschooling opportunities.

To view any upcoming events, there is a calendar section. Among the listings here are a menu calendar and an athletics calendar.

At the end of the top menu is a resources tab that has information for those interested in seeking employment, along with a section devoted to the website's frequently asked questions.