What Information Does the Canadian Government Website Provide?

What Information Does the Canadian Government Website Provide?

The Government of Canada website provides information in English and French on jobs in Canada, immigration to Canada, and travel inside and outside of Canadian borders, as well as business, benefits, health and taxes in Canada. The website includes details on the structure of Canadian government and links to all governmental departments, agencies and officials.

Each section of the Government of Canada website is divided into various topics. For example, in the Job section of the website, users can search the Job Bank for career listings, review Canada's labor and equity standards for the workplace, and access details regarding Old Age Security or Canada's Pension Plan.

The website also includes educational material on Canada's culture, history and sport. In this section, users can learn about cultural landmarks and attractions, Canadian identity and society, cultural youth programs, and events, celebrations and commemorations.

Users can access the Newsroom section of the website for featured news stories from the Government of Canada in addition to media advisories.

The Canadian government launched the latest version of the website, Canada.ca, in December 2013 to provide an accessible and mobile-friendly experience for bilingual users. The government aims to make Canada.ca the central government access point for all Canadians by merging information from more than 1,500 individual department and agency websites.