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WebMD hosts research-backed information on various medical conditions, health management and monitoring tools, and firm online support communities that cater to people's varying health care information needs. WebMD is not a substitute for qualified professional care and does not diagnose or treat health conditions, diseases or ailments.

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WebMD contributors are expert physicians, journalists and moderators who hold degrees in medicine, journalism, health communications and nursing. WebMD offers a comprehensive list of health conditions on the organization's Health A-Z page. For every disease, disorder or condition, WebMD provides an accompanying list of symptoms, common causes, risk factors, prevention mechanisms, treatment options, medications, home remedies and other useful categories of health information.

WebMD also reviews prescription drugs and supplements, thus helping patients understand different drug interactions, safety precautions during drug usage and commonly abused medications. The "Living Healthy" section of the site has information on healthy diets, foods and fitness. The category offers diet plans and recipes for weight loss, as well as fitness and exercise programs tailor-made for different individuals with varying fitness goals and physiques.

WebMD also has a "Family and Pregnancy" section that cover topics such as how to conceive, trimesters of pregnancy, baby health, vaccines for children and how to raise fit kids. The organization's knowledge base also covers pets, including cats and dogs. WebMD's Health Experts and Community actively participate in forums and support groups for people who need health advice and information.

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