What Information Can Be Viewed When Students Sign in to PowerSchool?


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Some information that can be viewed when students sign in to PowerSchool includes teacher comments, daily bulletins, real-time grades, exam scores and class assignments. Other information includes class attendance lists, course syllabuses, online course requests and integrated family calendars.

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When students sign into PowerSchool they can view individual teacher comments. There are current and stored comments for student's performance, conduct and qualities. There is real-time access to students' grades and other performance indicators. Students can access grade results for different semesters. A complete listing of all grades can be viewed under the Grade History segment. Students can learn general school information from the Daily Bulletin Board.

When students sign into PowerSchool, they can view their scores directly from teacher's gradebooks. They can view scores for previous semesters and compare the two listings. After every score, students can find assessment description with detailed information on the score. Students can find class assignments and directions from PowerSchool. There is information on homework and individual assignment projects for each student. They can access automatic assignment timelines and due dates.

There is information on a real-time class attendance list for each student, showing when the student was absent or tardy. Students can access course syllabuses for different semesters. There is an online course request feature that allows students to access individual course information. Students can access information on school closure dates, delays and important school events from the integrated family calendar.

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