What Information Can You Find on the Garland Independent School District's Home Page?

Information found on the GISD home page includes schools, facilities, news, departments, programs and employment opportunities. Information about GISD, parents' resource link, students' resource link, GISD calendars, featured events and all featured links is also available.

Any event that concerns GISD or featuring on its calendar is displayed on the homepage under featured events. News and announcements are posted on the homepage too. Under the featured links category, there are quick links and various campus websites available for searching. Information about GISD is provided through the first link on the GISD homepage. Schools and facilities that are under GISD are clearly listed through the schools and facilities link.

Departments and programs provided under GISD can be found on the link located in the homepage. Any prospective employees can find information about their application status from the homepage. The comprehensive GISD calendar and annual activity information related to GISD is available on the homepage through the calendar link. Slides providing news briefs about a few activities are available too. A parents' resource link is available to provide parents with varied information about their kids' progress.

A students' resource link is available to enable students willing to follow study progress from anywhere with that capability. Board meeting videos, the community board, eNews and Garland ISD Education Foundation, to name a few, are the informational resources provided by the GISD homepage.