What Information Can Be Found Online About Automated Teller Machine Software?

ATM Marketplace, a website that contains up-to-date coverage of events in the Automated Teller Machine industry, has a sizable portion of its site dedicated to ATM software news. Wikipedia includes a software section in its article on ATMs.

Modern ATMs are capable of running a variety of commercial desktop operating systems. The vast majority of ATMs today use a Microsoft Windows operating system, usually Windows XP Professional. The use of these public operating systems is generally seen as less secure than other OS types, such as real-time operating systems. The standard application programming interface used in ATMs is the CEN XFS API. J/XFS is a widespread Java implementation of this API. Some ATM software that runs on XFS includes Kalignite Software Platform and Diebold Agilis EmPower.

ATM Marketplace reports on developments in the ATM industry and has large collections of articles devoted to ATM software, hardware, security and other topics. KAL claims to be the world's leading provider of multi-vendor ATM software for banks, and much information regarding ATM software can be found on its website. KAL claims numerous world firsts in the field of ATM software, such as being the world's first company to upgrade its products for Windows 8 and developing the world's first XFS compliant bill payment kiosk application.