What Information Can You Find on the Florida State Government Website?


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Information on the Florida state government's website includes details about government structures, resources for businesses and information for tourists. You can also use the website to contact specific government agencies and the state's governor.

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The website provides information on the different parts of government, including the executive, legislative and judiciary branches. It also lists regional councils and districts. State employees can find specific resources pertaining to human resource management and benefits, as well as a list of manuals and guidelines for personnel. People that wish to work for the state government can fill out an online application.

People that are considering moving to Florida can access a special page to learn more about the state's education and health system. The business section highlights information about business sectors, tax codes, licenses and the work force.

The website highlights the state's tourist attractions, including aquariums, beaches and golf courses. It also provides travel information, including maps of counties and road systems. Tourism is the largest sector of the state's economy because of the warm weather and hundreds of miles of beaches. Popular amusement parks in the state include Walt Disney World Resort, which is the most visited vacation resort in the world.

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