What Information Can Customers Access on the Procter & Gamble Homepage?

What Information Can Customers Access on the Procter & Gamble Homepage?

On the Procter & Gamble homepage, customers can access general information about the company's achievements and its brands. This information includes statements on the environmental impact of Procter & Gamble products, as well as news releases about financial figures and media campaigns or events featuring Procter & Gamble products.

As of 2015, the Procter & Gamble website features four particular sections for customers to view. The first, under the Company tab, provides information about Procter & Gamble and the company's history and structure, as well as general information on company beliefs and policies.

Under the Brands & Innovation tab, visitors can find information about specific brands that Procter & Gamble owns and manages, prominently featuring their newest products under each brand. This section of the website also provides information about where customers can purchase Procter & Gamble products and where they can access information on coupons and other deals.

The Sustainability portion of the website provides information on Procter & Gamble's environmental impact. This includes product safety, as well as reports on how Procter & Gamble's products have helped or harmed the environment.

The final major portion is under the News & Media tab, where Procter & Gamble posts its official company press releases. This includes information on recent achievements and awards received, as well as information on new advertising campaigns and media events. This section also provides information on how customers can contact Procter & Gamble.