What Information Can You Access Through PAMF's My Health Online?

As of 2015, the Palo Alto Medical Foundation's My Health Online program allows patients to securely access their health records and view lab and test results. In addition, patients can refill their prescriptions online, email their doctor, receive health reminders and schedule a doctor's appointment using the My Health Online system.

PAMF's My Health Online is the company's electronic health records system, which was originally implemented in 1999. At this point, PAMF was one of the earliest groups to adopt this type of EHR system and one of the only physicians in the Bay Area to utilize an EHR system. In addition to providing valuable services and information to patients, the EHR system allows staff and physicians at any PAMF facility to remotely access their patients' medical records, laboratory results and other information. This system is used by PAMF's more than 1 million patients.

To sign up for My Health Online program, patients first need to download the paper application form from PAMF's website. After completing the form, the patient needs to mail it to PAMF, and then they should receive their access code within seven to 10 business days. Once the patient has received their access code, they can then use the Online Account Activation feature to complete their enrollment. Family members can also request proxy access to the system, which allows them view their family member's records and email their doctor on the person's behalf.