What Information Can You Access on the MyTELUS Home Page?

What Information Can You Access on the MyTELUS Home Page?

The myTELUS home page highlights the articles, news and data featured throughout the rest of the company’s website. It also features the daily leading headlines, Telus’ services and the company’s social media presence and the weather.

The myTelus home page features information on accessing the site on mobile devices and how to utilize Telus’ services, features and accessible content. Much of the content on the myTelus home page is related to Canadian news and other articles and features that are aimed at a Canadian audience. Telus also provides users a link to offer feedback about the website or Telus' services.

A user may choose to share his geographical location to personalize the headlines and news on the myTelus page, or the user can choose a different region to get news from that particular province or region of Canada.

The home page also highlights news from different regions and provides links for information on technology, sports, politics, business, health, offbeat and aboriginal data. The home page also gives details about the daily weather and forecast, offering data about the temperature, wind velocity, humidity and cloud cover.

The home page also gives a representation of what the company shares on social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram and on its blog.