What Information Does the AAA Website Offer About Fuel Costs?


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AAA provides a list of 36 tips to save gas on its website, as of 2015. The organization also provides links to other useful gas-saving resources, such as average gas costs by state, up-to-date gas station prices by gallon, fuel cost estimators and a PDF download with additional advice on how to save on gasoline.

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AAA's 36 tips are not arranged in any particular order but can be broken down into two types. The first is advice on how to save gas while operating a vehicle. Examples include limiting the use of air conditioning, avoiding unnecessary acceleration and deceleration, avoiding rough roads, driving relatively slowly (below 60 mph) and minimizing aerodynamic drag. Succinct reasons are provided explaining how these techniques work, which mostly involve allowing the car's engine to run as efficiently as possible.

The other type of advice focuses on how to prepare to save money on gas before driving. Examples include avoiding overpriced gas stations near highways, paying cash or applying for a gas station's credit card to ensure the best cost per gallon, maintaining adequate tire pressure, removing excess weight from the vehicle, and considering carpooling. AAA provides a link to TripTik Travel Planner, which includes the cheapest gasoline prices as well as the shortest routes to get from point A to point B.

AAA's fuel tips are accessible on the automotive section of its website. After selecting the Automotive tab, the link for the Fuel Savings Guide appears under the Driver Resources heading.

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