How Does the Incredibox 2 App Work?


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The Incredibox 2 app works by letting users record a music mix after selecting various sound effects and beats via the drag-and-drop functionality of its interface. Incredibox 2 also provides an option to share the recorded mix with other users and end up in the Top 50 list.

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Users can access the Incredibox 2 app as long as they have the Adobe Flash Player installed or use a Web browser that features a built-in Flash Player, such as Google Chrome. The main interface of the app features four categories of sounds, including Beats, Effects, Melodies and Voices. Each category contains five different versions users can add to the mix by selecting the symbol that represents the desired sound effect and dragging it onto the image representing the singer. Each time a user adds a new sound, a new virtual singer appears, allowing for various sound combinations.

Incredibox 2 allows users to enable options, such as muting or removing the virtual singer from the mix, by clicking the Settings button. It also features a Shuffle mode that randomly selects a combination of sounds, lettings the users modify that mix after reverting back to Normal mode. To save the mix, users have to click on the Record button, let the mix go through at least 10 loops, and then click Stop.

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