How Do You Increase the Zoom on Your Computer Screen to Make Images Larger?

Increase the zoom on your computer screen to make images larger by using the magnifier tool, which is part of the Ease of Access Center. You can also make images appear larger by setting a higher screen resolution.

To magnify simply means to make bigger or to increase in size. The magnifier tool increases the size of images, so the user can have a better view and see them more clearly. To use the magnifier tool, simply click on Start and type Magnifier on the search section. The magnifier tool is immediately launched and ready to use.To increase the size of an image on the screen, you click on the plus sign (+) until you get your preferred size.

The magnifier tool works in three different modes. The full-screen mode magnifies the entire screen, while the lens mode magnifies only the area around the pointer. The docked mode only magnifies a small part of the screen, leaving the rest of the screen as before; the user chooses the part to magnify.

Screen resolution can be adjusted using the control panel. By clicking on Appearance and Personalization, you are able to change the screen resolution to suit your preferred image size.