How do you increase your wireless router's range?


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Extend your Wi-Fi range by repositioning your router, flipping the channel on your Wi-Fi equipment or adding a second access point. There are many reasons why your signal may be suffering, and these are just a few options that can help.

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  1. Try repositioning your router

    There are things throughout your home that can interfere with the range of your Wi-Fi signal. Try repositioning your router to keep these obstructions to a minimum. You may find that moving your router just a bit drastically improves your signal in other rooms.

  2. Check for radio interference

    Radio interference can also hinder your router's performance. This is a big problem for people who live in close range to others, such as in an apartment building, because you have many Wi-Fi signals crossing the same space. Even if you live in a single-family home, you can still run into interference from your microwave oven or cordless phone. Flipping to a different channel on your Wi-Fi equipment may help.

  3. Talk to your service provider about adding an access point

    Some homes are so big that a second access point is necessary. How much this additional access point costs depends on your provider and your current plan. You may only need to pay a small installation fee.

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