How Do You Increase Upload Speed?

To increase upload speed, make sure that the browser is completely updated, delete unused Internet files, have an up-to-date antivirus software program, make sure that there are no viruses on the computer and use a ping test to determine if the Internet speed is near the advertised speed from the Internet service provider. If too many programs are using up the Internet connection, the upload speed will be significantly slower.

Upload speed is determined by both the Internet connection and the speed of the overall computer. If a user has an extremely fast Internet connection but their computer is running slow, the upload speed will still be slow.

  1. Make sure the browser is updated
  2. Make sure that the browser in use is completely updated. The fastest browsers include Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

  3. Delete old Internet files and close other programs on the computer
  4. Delete browsing history and make sure all unnecessary programs on the computer are not in use. If there are too many programs using CPU, the upload speed will be compromised.

  5. Use a ping test to check the Internet speed
  6. Use a search engine to find a free bandwidth speed tester online, such as Speedtest by Ookla. Test the bandwidth speed using as many computers as possible and determine if the speed is close to the advertised speed by the Internet service provider. If the speed is significantly less, call the Internet service provider to diagnose and fix the problem.