How Do You Increase Twitter Followers?

How Do You Increase Twitter Followers?

To increase your Twitter followers, sign in to Twitter, click Who to Follow, click the Follow button and request for those you follow to follow you back. Although there are many ways to increase Twitter followers, the follow-back option is the easiest.

  1. Decide who you want to follow

    After logging in to your Twitter account, click the Home button, and then click Who to Follow on the left side of the screen below your profile picture. The Who to Follow option contains a list of Twitter users.

  2. Follow your preferred users

    You do not have to follow all Twitter users who appear in the Who to Follow list. Visit the profiles of those who capture your interest to read they are tweeting about, and then decide whether or not you want to follow them.

  3. Request for others to follow you

    After selecting the accounts you want to follow on Twitter, click the Follow button on their profiles. Use the “@reply” feature or Direct Message to request them to follow you back. Most Twitter users follow back their new followers as a sign of appreciation. For best results, follow at least 10 new friends every day if you are an active Twitter user, and your number of followers should increase every month.