How Do You Increase the Strength of a Wi-Fi Signal?


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One of the simplest ways to increase the strength of a Wi-Fi signal is to move the router. Routers near other electronic equipment, such as an entertainment system, suffer from electronic interference. Owners can improve router performance for devices located in out of the way locations by moving them to a more central one. Other ways to improve performance include changing the router channel or updating firmware.

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Manufacturers design routers to select a channel on which they operate during setup. However, after setup is complete, neighbors often install new networks. This sometimes leaves systems operating on crowded channels, interfering with the speed of the connection. Users are able to access their router from their computer and change the channel to reduce interference and improve performance. When making channel changes, the user should check all the likely locations that someone in the family usually uses a wireless connection to ensure that increasing signal strength in one location is not decreasing it in another.

Manufacturers often update firmware for routers, and they sometimes do so before the consumer removes the device from the box. Improve performance by updating to the latest firmware for the unit. It is sometimes necessary to search the router manufacturer's site to find firmware updates for the device, especially if it is more than a few years old. Updating the wireless adapter in a computer also helps to improve performance.

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