How Do You Increase the Size of Letters on Your Computer?

How Do You Increase the Size of Letters on Your Computer?

Increase the size of letters on your computer by reducing the screen resolution, enabling accessibility settings, zooming into the content or increasing font size of individual applications. The best method depends on the operating system of the computer.

To reduce the screen resolution on a Windows computer, right click anywhere on the desktop, and choose Display Settings from the list. Click Advanced Display Settings at the bottom, choose a smaller value from the drop-down list under Resolution, and click Apply. Once the resolution changes, click Keep Changes to save the new setting. If the screen becomes dark, wait for 15 seconds. Windows automatically reverts to the previous setting.

If using a Mac OS X system, click on the Apple icon at the top right, choose System Preferences from the list, and Click Displays. Then click Display, select the Scaled option to reveal resolution options, and choose a smaller alternative. Mac OS X automatically saves the new setting.

Windows also has an accessibility setting that increases font size across the operating system without changing the resolution. To do so, type "change text size" into the search bar on the bottom left, and click Make Text and Other Items Larger or Smaller from the list. Click Set a Custom Scaling Level, and choose a higher scaling value. Click OK to save the new setting.

Alternatively, change the font size in individual applications or zoom into the content. Most Windows applications zoom into the content when the user presses the plus key while holding down CTRL. For Mac OS X, the key combination is Command and the plus key. Likewise, some applications allow the user to change the text size. For instance, Safari has an option to scale text up under the Advanced tab of the Preferences window.