How Do You Increase Your Internet Speed?


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Ways to increase Internet speed include using Internet Explorer as a browser, setting the homepage of the browser to a blank page and managing the browser cache. Using Internet Explorer can speed up a user's Internet because, as of 2014, there are still some websites that are designed with Internet Explorer in mind and run slower on Chrome or Firefox.

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Setting an Internet browser's homepage to a blank page ensures that the browser opens quickly. Changing the homepage to a blank page in Internet Explorer is done by accessing the Internet Options tab and selecting “Use blank” in the field that refers to the homepage.

Internet Explorer, just like other browsers, relies heavily on the cache, where it stores temporary Internet files. These files are downloaded from Web pages to speed up how fast a browser loads those Web pages when users visit them in the future. Although this is true to a certain extent, having a cache that is too full takes up a lot of disk space and could decrease the overall performance of the computer and Internet browser. Cleaning out the computer's cache from time to time can speed up a slow computer or Internet browser. This problem can be prevented in the future by decreasing the default size of the cache to 50 megabytes.

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