How Do You Increase Your Broadband Speed?


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To improve broadband speed, change your computer's default settings, regularly update browsers, and reduce apps running in the background. If using Wi-Fi, reposition the router to a location with minimum interference and few obstructions. Check the router's manual for information on adjusting its settings for optimal speeds.

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Some operating systems, such as Windows, have default settings that limit Internet speeds. To maximize speed, make use of utility programs such as TCP Optimizer. Background applications download and upload data even when main programs are closed, taking up a lot of bandwidth. To reduce the bandwidth overhead, stop non-essential background apps. To view currently running programs on a Windows PC, open Task Manager and navigate to the Applications tab.

In addition to updating browsers, determine which ones can be configured to maximize the speed of Internet browsing. Examples of such browsers are Google Chrome, which pre-fetches pages you may want to visit next, and Opera, which features a mode that compresses pages before displaying them. Additionally, install browser extensions such as Image Block, which is designed for Mozilla Firefox.

Contact your Internet service provider to determine whether there are issues with your current broadband connection and whether the company is offering packages with higher speeds.

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