What Is Included in Startec's Long Distance Plan?


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Startec offers multiple long distance plans, each of which offers different services. All of its plans include discounted domestic and international long distance calling from within the United States, but prices and other features vary between plans.

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Startec's CellConnect plan is a long distance plan for cell phones. CellConnect is available as both a pre-paid and a post-paid service. Post-paid customers are billed at the end of the month for all calls made. Pre-paid customers pay for a set amount of usage at the beginning of the month and cannot exceed this amount without making another payment.

Startec's Direct Dial plan is a landline-based long distance plan that comes bundled with CellConnect at no additional charge. Direct Dial is a full long distance service that requires the user to change to Startec's plan. Startec bills customers with the Direct Dial plan at the end of the month for calls made. There are no pre-payment requirements, and the service does not require a contract or a monthly fee.

Startec's 10-10-719 is a pay-per-use long distance plan for landline telephones. It does not require any subscription, and calls made using this plan are billed to the customer's regular telephone bill. It does not incur a monthly fee and allows customers to keep their existing long distance service, but domestic and international rates per minute are not as low as with subscription-based plans.

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