What Is Included in DISH's America's Top 250 Package?

What Is Included in DISH's America's Top 250 Package?

Dish Network's Top 250 programming includes 290 channels as of 2015. While it includes The Movie Channel-West, the package does not include other premium channels, such as HBO, Cinemax, Showtime or Starz. Dish's Everything package includes these premium channels.

The Top 250 package includes Dish Hopper, a digital video recorder that can record up to four prime-time programs at once. The recording service allows viewers to watch the shows they record without commercial interruptions.

This package allows subscribers access to over 70 Sirius radio stations, which offer both music and talk programming, and provides subscribers with access to the Dish CD channels for more music listening. Dish offers all of its customers ESPN channels.

Top 250 offers family-friendly programming, including Disney channels, Nickelodeon, Hallmark and the Discovery Family Channel. It offers educational programming, such as the DIY channel. It provides news channels, such as Fox News, CNN and CNBC. However, it does not include some Spanish-language channels, such as Telemundo and ESPN's Spanish outlet, although it includes some Univision channels.

Dish offers introductory pricing for the Top 250 package for the first three months of service. The package requires a two-year commitment, and pricing returns to the normal rate after the introductory period.