What Is Included With the ATT Uverse U450 Package?

The U450 package for AT&T U-Verse offers customers a number of features, including more than 225 high definition channels, a movie package and sports package. There is also one high-definition DVR box included, as of 2015.

Specifically, the U450 package for AT&T U-Verse offers up to 440 digital channels, depending on the customer's location. There is a movie package included with the U450 pack, which includes The Movie Channel, Showtime, Starz, Flix and Encore. The customer also gets 18 HBO and Cinemax channels, a sports package and access to local channels. The DVR box comes with this package, and total home DVR service is available with the addition of other boxes. Other features of the U450 package include more than 40 digital music channels and an extensive on-demand library.

An individual can check if this package is available in a certain area by entering a ZIP code into the U-Verse website. The company urges potential customers to choose bundle packages with telephone and Internet, which often gives a lower price. This rate is usually good for the first year, according to the AT&T website, and the rate goes up to the regular price after 12 months. If the customer does not want to choose the U450 package with the bundle, the package is available as a stand-alone option as well.