Are There Incentives for Switching to Republic Cell Phone Service?


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Republic Wireless does not offer incentives designed to lure customers away from their current wireless plans. However, the company does deliver cell and data service at extremely low prices and with no annual contract.

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Republic Wireless plans start at $5 a month for unlimited talk, text and data as of 2015, and customers can change their current plan up to two times during each monthly billing cycle. Customers must invest in a Republic Wireless handset; the Android phones have higher-than-average price tags since they are sold without a contract.

Republic Wireless keeps down costs by routing cell phone calls over any available Wi-Fi network. This reduces traffic on the cellular network and allows Republic to pass on the savings to its customers. If Wi-Fi isn't available, the call gets routed over the Republic Wireless network or a third-party network instead.

Overall, customer response is positive. Reviews on Yelp report that call quality is strong, though customers in rural areas say that calls on the cellular network are sometimes garbled. CNET reporter Rick Broida also gives Republic his stamp of approval after a seamless experience using his phone on a trip abroad, where he made calls from his condo's Wi-Fi without any roaming charges or international call rates. The happy customers have a caveat for those looking to switch over, saying that the provider is best suited to tech-savvy customers who understand the basics of wireless networking and can do some troubleshooting on their own.

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