What Improvements Does Windows 8.1 Offer?


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Some improvements Windows 8.1 offers include the return of the Start button, expansion of the snap view and simplicity of discovering new apps or recently installed apps. There is also an improvement in the functionality of built-in apps such as Bing, SkyDrive and Skype.

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With Windows 8.1, Wi-Fi Direct printing is easy and straightforward. Users don't have to install additional drivers or software to connect to Wi-Fi Direct printers. Windows 8.1 allows broadband-enabled devices to serve as Wi-Fi hotspots through which other devices can access the Internet.

Windows 8.1 has higher security thanks to the improvement of Windows Defender's technology. Windows Defender's security is behavior-based, detecting and stopping the execution of any unknown malware. The Internet Explorer has significant improvements such as faster-loading pages, multiple-site browsing and the ability to sync tabs and settings across linked Windows 8.1 devices. Internet Explorer also features boosted security as it scans binary extensions using Windows Defender before executing any code.

Windows 8.1's interface is friendly for mouse and keyboard users. In addition to the availability of minimize and close buttons on all windows, the taskbar is accessible from anywhere. Users can also configure their devices to boot directly to the desktop instead of the Start menu.

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