How Do You Improve a Wi-Fi Signal?


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Wi-Fi signal strength can be improved by using the latest technologies, finding the right spot for the router, finding the right channel, getting rid of interfering appliances, blocking hackers and controlling bandwidth-hogging programs. These tips are easy and can be used by just about anyone with a little knowledge.

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Here are some of the things anyone can do in order to improve Wi-Fi signal strength.

  1. Use the latest technology
  2.  When shopping, make sure to pick the latest in hardware equipment. New equipment normally has improved functionality which is why they give better signal strength.
  3. Find the right spot
  4.  Putting the router in a clear or open space can be a great way to get better signal strength. Instead of keeping it under the table or in a corner, try putting it somewhere less concealed.
  5. Find the right channel
  6.  Testing various channels to find the one that gives the best strength can also be helpful. Remember that in an area with several Wi-Fi routers, interference may be experienced since many people may be connected through the same channel.
  7. Get rid of other appliances
  8.  Cordless telephones and microwaves are just a few things that may cause interference. It is therefore advisable to get rid of them by taking them to a different room.
  9. Block hackers
  10.  Wi-Fi signal strength may be compromised if people have hacked into your network. Blocking them by the use of passwords can help solve this predicament.
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