How Do You Improve Antenna Signal Strength?


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To improve antenna signal strength, use an outdoor antenna or upgrade the indoor antenna. It helps to connect the antenna to the television directly. Also, place the antenna at a greater height, adjust its direction or install a booster or a pre-amplifier.

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How Do You Improve Antenna Signal Strength?
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An outdoor antenna offers better signal strength than an indoor one as it is bigger in size and is placed outside at a height, normally on the roof. The higher the height of the antenna, the better is the signal strength, as height reduces interference and permits the antenna to pick up stronger signals.

Adjusting the direction of an outdoor antenna does away with multipath issues that cause signals to bounce off tall structures or delay their arrival. When adjusting the height or direction of the antenna, monitor the meter showing the signal strength readings on the television or the converter box, and attempt to attain the highest possible reading.

If using an indoor antenna, shift it to a better location, or upgrade it, as the newer models are designed to catch stronger signals.

Splitting the coaxial for the antenna and connecting it to several devices simultaneously splits and reduces the signal strength. Use the coaxial cable to directly connect the antenna to the television, and use a separate antenna for every television in the home for best results. A pre-amplifier or booster is an electrical device connected between the antenna and the television that boosts the signal strength.

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