What Are Some Important Features of the Quicken Deluxe Version?

Important features of the Deluxe version of Quicken money management software include the ability to import data from previous versions of the program, access to all financial accounts in a single interface and the ability to create custom savings goals for retirement or a college education. It also offers access to free phone support and has features to help reduce debt quickly, as of 2015.

The core features in every version of the Quicken software focus on allowing users to manage finances through a single interface, including paying bills, reviewing receipts, categorizing spending and making budgets. The Deluxe version of the software incorporates all of these features in addition to extra options that focus on giving users a higher level of financial awareness and the steps necessary to create a secure financial future. This begins with the ability to add all of the user's financial accounts into the program to view current balances, transactions and incoming deposits. Specifically, the software supports loans, investments and retirement plans in addition to standard accounts.

Users can also use the software to achieve specific life savings goals by designating the purpose of a particular account so that the program can make recommendations. This includes identifying areas of high spending and automatically calculating the amount of income to allot for these goals to achieve them within a set time period. Similarly, the software also helps users eliminate debt by creating aggressive yet realistic repayment plans.