What is the importance of computer technology in everyday life?


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Computer technology is used in almost every sector of everyday life, including shops, ticketing counters, educational institutions, laboratories, business agencies and even homes. Most multinational companies have computers and Internet for marketing, communicating and doing business from different parts of the world.

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Different sectors in which computer technology is used on daily basis is as follows:

  • Office: Computers help employees in increasing production and saving valuable time through its various software.
  • Educational institutions: Computer technology is used for e-learning and research work in educational institutions.
  • Hospitals: Health care has improved through computer technology, helping physicians in correct diagnosis and imaging. Medical records can also be stored efficiently on computers.
  • Different integrated systems: Banking, ticketing, shopping and administrative functions of multinational companies can be done effectively through computers.

Besides these sectors of industries, computers are also used for leisure activities at home, such as playing online games and listening to music. Most people today read online news and watch entertainment videos on the Internet using computers. Publishing industry has transformed from print to digital with e-books, which are downloaded on the computer through Internet. Contacting and talking with people has also become thanks to computers. Computer technology has become an integral part of education and development.

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