How Do You Import Favorites?


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Install and use Xmarks to securely sync favorites or bookmarks between browsers. Because different browsers vary in the way they approach exporting and importing bookmarks or favorites, Xmarks provides a way to go about this task in a familiar and hassle-free way.

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  1. Go to Xmarks.com

    Open the Web browser you would like to transfer your bookmarks from. In the address bar, type Xmarks.com, and press Enter.

  2. Download the Xmarks extension

    On the Xmarks.com site, click on Download at the top of the page. Click on the download link for the browser you are using. Run the downloaded file, and install Xmarks as an add-on to the browser. Restart your browser.

  3. Configure Xmarks

    Run the Xmarks initial configuration tool. In Chrome, this is done by clicking on the Xmarks icon added to the toolbar. In Firefox, go to Tools, then click on Xmarks. Follow the steps to complete the configuration process. If you do not have an Xmarks account, you must create one.

  4. Repeat on your other browser

    After finishing the configuration process on the source browser, repeat the steps above on the browser to which you'd like to transfer your favorites. When prompted during the configuration process, log in to your Xmarks account instead of creating a new one. Once both browsers are properly configured with Xmarks, the transfer process begins.

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