How Do You Import Bookmarks to Safari?


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Import bookmarks into Safari using the Import Bookmarks option within the File menu. Use this method to import bookmarks from another browser, such as Firefox or Chrome, on a Mac or Windows computer with at least Safari 5.1.7 installed.

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  1. Open the browser

    Open the browser that contains the bookmarks you want to export. In Firefox, use the shortcut Ctrl, Shift and B to open the Bookmark Manager. Choose Export Bookmarks from the header, and export them to your desktop. In Chrome, use the shortcut Ctrl, Shift and O to open the Bookmark Manager. Export your bookmarks to the desktop. Close the browsers.

  2. Open Safari

    Open Safari from your desktop or dock. Click File, then select Import Bookmarks. Navigate to your desktop, and select the bookmark HTML file. Import the file, and view the new imported folder at the bottom of the Safari bookmarks sidebar.

  3. Organize your bookmarks

    Click the imported folder to reveal its contents. Drag and drop selected bookmarks onto your bookmark bar for quick access. Alternatively, create new folders within the sidebar, and drag and drop bookmarks into the designated folders. With the bookmarks organized, close Safari from the File menu or by clicking the red button in the header.

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