How Does the Imagine Learning English Speech Program Compare to Rosetta Stone?

How Does the Imagine Learning English Speech Program Compare to Rosetta Stone?

Imagine Learning and Rosetta Stone are both language programs, but they have different goals. Imagine Learning assists young students in developing and improving language and literacy skills, while Rosetta Stone is geared toward adults and children who want to learn a foreign language.

Imagine Learning offers four program options that cater to different areas of learning: English-language learners, struggling readers, early-childhood education and students with disabilities. For students who are learning English, Imagine Learning teaches basic language skills as well as reading, listening, speaking and vocabulary. Imagine Learning also offers a program for students who need help improving their reading skills. The struggling readers program uses text, videos, games and graphics to improve students' reading abilities.

The early-childhood education program assists students in gaining literacy skills and prepares them for school. Imagine Learning can also help disabled students develop and increase reading, speaking and listening skills.

Like Rosetta Stone, Imagine Learning does offer a foreign language program, though Spanish is the only language offered. Rosetta Stone Kids teaches kids, ages three through seven, early reading skills. For home-schooled children, Rosetta Stone has a kindergarten through grade five reading program for students.

Both companies use online and computer features to teach the various aspects of language, and both offer assessments and feedback. The main differences are in target audience and courses offered.