What Are Some IGo Devices?

What Are Some IGo Devices?

As of 2016, some devices made by iGo include chargers for smartphones and tablets, laptop chargers, mobile charging cables and speakers. Wall and car plug-in chargers for phones as well as portable power options like smartphone cases and battery packs are available.

IGo sells charging cases on its website for the iPhone 4 through 5s as well as Samsung Galaxy S3 through S5 models. Cases come with 2000 through 2400 mAh of power. The website also sells portable battery packs that charge smartphones and tablets via charging cables. Battery packs come at many different capacities starting at 1700 mAh. The website also sells charging and sync cables, including lightning cables, micro USB cables and a universal cable that includes an Apple 30-pin connector.

Car chargers for smartphones come in different colors. Single-amp chargers are available for generic smartphones and 2.4-amp chargers are available for Apple devices that use lightning connectors. A dual USB car charger is also available.

Wall chargers are available with either micro-USB or lightning charging cables. Microjuice wall chargers provide dual USB charging to charge two smartphones or a tablet. There is also a universal tablet wall charger that can charge two tablets or two smartphones, and the charger comes with a universal cable to charge all devices by changing the tip.

In addition to smartphone and tablet chargers, iGo sells universal laptop chargers with 90 watts of power and eight different power tips to charge most laptops. Laptop chargers also have a USB port to charge tablets and smartphones.

IGo also sells Bluetooth speakers. The speakers are splash-proof, have a suction cup bottom, a 30-foot range and are described as travel-friendly.