How Do You Identify a Tablet Model?

To determine the model for most varieties of tablet, find the tablet's serial number, and then cross-reference it with the list of tablet models containing serial numbers in that range. Most serial numbers are located on the back of the tablet. Many tablets also display the serial number in the Settings menu of the tablet's software.

Different tablet models from a particular manufacturer often come in cosmetically similar exterior casings, making it difficult to distinguish models by sight. For example, third- and fourth-generation Apple iPads are almost identical in appearance despite their differences in internal hardware. However, most manufacturers assign unique serial number ranges to each model to differentiate them. For example, third-generation iPads have serial numbers beginning with A1403, A1416 or A1430, while fourth-generation models have serial numbers beginning with A1458, A1459 or A1460.

It is also important to know which version of the tablet's operating system is running, particularly if there are issues caused or resolved by installing a specific version. The version of operating system is usually found in the Settings menu on Android or iOS tablets. Typing the "winver" command in the Search bar of a Windows tablet displays the version of operating system running on it.