How Do You Identify the Generation of Your IPad?


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To identify the generation of an iPad, find the model number on the iPad. Match the iPad model number using a model number table. If you do not have access to a model number table, look for identifying characteristics of your iPad.

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  1. Find the model number

    Turn your iPad over so the back side is facing up. Look for a model number written near the bottom of the iPad. The model number begins with the letter "A."

  2. Match the model number using the iPad generation table

    Access a generation table on the Internet. Find your model number on the table, and match the number to the iPad generation.

  3. Look for other identifying information

    If you do not have access to a generation table or want to confirm the generation of your iPad, look for other identifying information. The color on the front of the iPad provides detail about the generation. For example, a white iPad cannot be a first generation iPad because the model was not released until the second generation. Another identifier is the amount of storage on the device. The first three generations of iPad have options of 16, 32 and 64 GB. Fourth generation iPads and later have a 128 GB option.

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