What Are Some Ideas for Keyboarding Lesson Plans?

What Are Some Ideas for Keyboarding Lesson Plans?

Some ideas for keyboarding lesson plans include teaching finger isolation and providing overview worksheets for identification. Another lesson plan topic is teaching the many purposes of the Shift key.

When teaching finger isolation, start by providing students with a worksheet with several circles of various colors. Ask students to touch each circle with their index finger only. Direct students to touch the circles in a specific sequence, and then ask them to hold a small ball in their palms while they touch the different circles. These exercises help with mouse utility and typing dexterity.

When utilizing keyboard overview worksheets, provide students with a scale image of the keyboard, with each key clearly labeled or visible. Ask students to color the number keys red and find the keys that represent their age. Give students a series of number sequences, and ask them to "type" those numbers in, utilizing the finger isolation techniques. Ask students to then color the letter keys yellow and find the letters in their names. Have students target those letters in the same way they target the number keys.

Provide students with information regarding what the Shift key does. On the same worksheet as before, ask students to color the Shift key blue. Tell students to touch a finger to the Shift key and keep it there while they target other keys on the keyboard.

Once the students feel confident with the worksheets, begin introducing them to an actual computer keyboard. Repeat the lessons, showing students the errors they make on the screen. Show students where the home keys are and begin teaching them finger placement. Practice capital letters and symbol from the number keys to utilize the Shift key lesson.